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  1. snipMate - TextMate-style snippets for Vim : vim online
    snipMate.vim aims to be an unobtrusive, concise vim script that implements some
    of TextMate's snippets features in Vim. A snippet is a piece of often-typed text ...
  2. Snippet Plugin Comparison - Vim Tips Wiki
    Latest Update, Vim ver, Author, Other Requirements, User Extensible ... better-
    snipmate-snippets, kind of hybrid of snipmate.vim and snipmate-snippets ??? ??
  3. Jasmine snippets (for snipMate) - A set of snippets for the Jasmine ...
    Sep 22, 2010 ... sponsor Vim development, Vim logo, Vim Book Ad ... This set of snipMate
    snippets aims to make developing tests with Jasmine quicker and ...
  4. AutoComplPop - Automatically opens popup menu for completions ...
    With this plugin, your vim comes to automatically opens popup menu for
    completions ... snipMate's trigger completion enables you to complete a snippet
  5. SnippetCompleteSnipMate - Integrate snipMate snippets into ...
    Oct 20, 2012 ... Vim abbreviations of the SnippetComplete.vim plugin (vimscript #2926), and ...
    solely for snipMate snippets, excluding Vim abbreviations.
  6. better-snipmate-snippet - Better Snipmate Snippets for VIM : vim online
    Dec 4, 2011 ... created by. Bartłomiej Danek. script type. utility. description. This repository is
    kind of hybrid of snipmate.vim and snipmate-snippets.
  7. vim-snippets - snippets for a variety of vim plugins : vim online
    Jun 21, 2011 ... IMPORTANT: comment on: [What about merging whith Ultisnip using its engine]( Snipmate ...
  8. UltiSnips - The ultimate snippet solution for python enabled Vim ...
    description. UltiSnips is the Ultimate solution for snippets under Vim. ... UltiSnips
    is now a drop in replacement for snipMate - it parses snipMate snippets and ...
  9. Script:2540 - Vim Tips Wiki
    Use this page to discuss script 2540 snipMate: TextMate-style snippets Add
  10. SnipMgr - A simple snippets manager for 'snipMate' Vim plugin : vim ...
    Jul 21, 2011 ... sponsor Vim development, Vim logo, Vim Book Ad ... SnipMgr : A simple snippets
    manager for 'snipMate' Vim plugin ...


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