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  1. South African Township Economies and Commercial Property Markets
    eConomies and CommerCial property marKets a ConCeptualisation and
    overview. Rob McGaffin, urban LandMark. Mark napier, urban LandMark / CSIR.

  2. Trends in the Commercial market
    Context - the market in general. • The township commercial market – general
    impressions. • Investigation into what has been happening in some selected
    areas ...

  3. The worst is over, but commercial property sector remains cautious
    Oct 8, 2010 ... South Africa‟s commercial property market is still feeling the impact of the global
    and domestic economic downturn. The immediate focus is on ...

  4. Urban LandMark presence at SAPOA convention improves ...
    Urban LandMark presence at SAPOA convention improves programme's
    exposure in commercial property market. To add substance to the notion of
    defining ...

  5. South African Township Economies
    Despite numerous studies on townships, research into township economies and
    related commercial real estate markets is limited. The majority of studies refer to ...

  6. Networks and partnerships
    eProp offers all stakeholders in the commercial property industry customised
    online products that facilitate the creation of a commercial property marketplace.

  7. Training for Township Renewal Initiative: Transforming South ...
    Rust and Ovens argued that "Developing the formal commercial and retail sector
    in townships must secure the interests and growth potential of small ...

  8. Module 3: Restructuring the township physical environment
    Decentralised commercial centres and suburbs: Over the past several decades,
    as settlements grew and expanded (aided by the expansion of motor cars and ...

  9. Module 2: Unlocking township markets
    Enhancing township labour market competitiveness. • Supporting township
    residential property markets. • Commercial property markets and small business

  10. township transformation and property markets
    functioning residential and commercial property markets. They also examine how
    public and private sector actions can improve market efficiency. 2.4.



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