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  1. The Classic Ameedican Dilemma: Where to Run the Dryer Vent ...
    Aug 11, 2008 ... There is a bathroom there with a washer and a gas dryer. The contractor wants to
    vent it into a “wet box.” It's some sort of venting kit.
  2. Dryer Venting Wisdom | Samurai Appliance Repair Man
    Nov 16, 2006 ... name = Greg email = ********* country = USA comments = You have
    given me a TON of info about my dryer vent, and I appreciate ...
  3. Dryer Venting Requirements | Samurai Appliance ...
    Jun 11, 2009 ... Dryer venting questions and confusions keep coming up in emails and in the
    Samurai Appliance Repair Forum. Lots of disinformation out there ...
  4. Dryer Venting Diseases: Venterialsclorosis | Samurai ...
    Dec 26, 2006 ... This disease is caused by lint accumulating on the inside walls of the dryer vent.
    As it progresses, it reduces the effective area of the dryer vent ...
  5. Venting a Dryer into a Garage | Samurai Appliance ...
    May 7, 2009 ... Venting into a garage is fine as long you're willing to put with lint coating your
    vehicles– they're gonna get messy. But it's far preferable to ...
  6. Appliance Tip of the Day: The Ultimate Dryer Venting Guide ...
    Oct 15, 2003 ... I reckon dryers are trickier than I thought for most folks. People seem to have a
    hard time understanding that the dryer vent is absotootly, ...
  7. Mailbag: Non-Standard Dryer Vent | Samurai ...
    Feb 21, 2004 ... Mailbag: Non-Standard Dryer Vent. Leave a reply. John Chisum wrote: Hello, I
    am building a new house, the builder has put 3″ PVC VENT ...
  8. Venting a Dryer into the Attic | Samurai Appliance ...
    Feb 9, 2007 ... Question: We are building a new house. Want to put in stackable washer and dryer
    . Can we vent dryer through ceiling into attic or does it ...
  9. Inspiration from the Master: Dryer Vent Length | ...
    Jan 3, 2004 ... I have a dryer venting issue. The house I live in has an extremetly long vent,
    curving in all kinds of places. I am thinking about doing a new one ...
  10. Mailbag: Gas Dryer Fires Up But Goes Out After a Few Minutes ...
    Mar 23, 2004 ... That's the academic Latin name for the diagnosis of your dryer problem. Actually
    , it's not a problem with the dryer at all–it's a bad vent. /


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